The Beat

Vol. 24: No.1 (February/March 2005)

Knives to the Treble named one of "The Best of 2004" in The Beat magazine (bi-monthly source on Reggae, African, Carribbean and World music).


Robert Nelson, "Expert" Contributor to The Beat and host of "Smile Jamaica" on KRCL-FM, Salt Lake City, UT, names Knives in his list of "Top Ten Mutant Dub," sharing the spotlight with Massive Attack, Thievery Corporation, and Twilight Circus Dub Sound System, among others. 

"...Slade Anderson definitely has his own unique take on dub, which comes to full expression on the 13 tracks of this entertaining dub excursion. A couple of tracks feature snippets of vocals and deejay calls, mixed in and out of the dub, while the rest are pure dubbed up original riddims. Particular worth of hearing are the wicked album opener "Roots Fi Cool", "King Dubby", "Mash Up The DJ", "Satta Stylee" and "Selector A Go Dub It". "Knives To The Treble" shouldn't be missed by anyone who likes to hear solid dub style music!!"


Zion's Gate

""Awesome new school mutant dub ala Twilight Circus. Still keeping the roots of dub in mind... This album has a little bit of dub for everyone. From UK Steppers through twisted studio one vibes. LOVE IT!"


The Wire

November 2004 Issue 249
Burning Babylon is a one-man dub reggae project from Boston, created by Slade Anderson, previously a guitarist in various Metal/punk groups in Massachusetts. This was in the 80s before he underwent overdue bass conversion, ditched all that toppy twang and headed overboard deep into the bottom end. Glen Brown’s Tubby-mixed Termination Dub provided the Damascene moment.


Despite some of the titles here sounding like an intended pastiche – "Mash Up The DJ" and "Satta Stylee", indeed! – it’s clear from the music within that the boy Slade was determined not [to] come out to play until he understood the rules. Still, inhabiting the ground between early Twilight Circus and Dub Syndicate is not a place to stay for long right now. "Mek We Jump", the set’s sweetest and least glum track might be the way for BB to go." 

**** (4 Stars) - "Burning Babylon is a dub producer from Boston in Babylon (USA). His album "Knives To The Treble" is one of these records which you have to listen a few times until you realize what a good album it is. My first impression was: ah, again one of these sweet American poppy reggae records. But I was quite wrong. After the third or fourth listening I started to feel that it's a really good album. And this is my opinion until now (and I have this record now for already 5 months).


It surely is different than any Europe-releases you will find. Especially the beats are more funky and therefore give the whole album more variety, also the use of samples is quite extensive here. 12 titles can be found on the record. The style of music goes rom 70s oriented roots riddims ("Roots Fi Cool") to technoid dubs ("Babylon Overdrive"). In between there are some real gems like the wicked "King Dubby" with an awesome sweet melody, the stepping "Diabolique" or "Double Axe", coming along with heavy dope beats and hypnotic organ and synthie sound carpets, yeah.

The adjective "funky" fits to all of the tracks and therefore I would describe the album as "groovy". Easy-going as most of the US releases but with a better mix of ingredients. Altogether it ends up in a tasty dub-soup that I would like to recommend to all dub fans who sometimes like their dubs a bit different."



The Jammin Reggae Archives

"Burning Babylon is the stage name of one Slade Anderson, a Boston-based musician who came of age playing in hardcore punk bands and developed an interest in reggae during the 1990s. Like Ryan Moore (who records one-man-band dub albums under the name Twilight Circus or Twilight Circus Dub Sound System), Anderson creates his instrumental reggae albums by himself, layering samples and his own instrumental parts on top of each other to create a shifting, kaleidoscopic welter of dubwise reggae sounds. The result is impressive, as his latest album demonstrates; his sound is somewhere between the wild experimentalism of Adrian Sherwood and the more traditional approach of Moore. No dub fan should miss the chance to give this music a listen. "


Small Axe 

"Burning Babylon are trodding on the same path as Twilight Circus - superheavy weight rhythms inspired by the Radics - only Burning Babylon are partial to a fx here and there - nothing wrong in that in moderation and this set stay well within the codes of dub laid down by King Tubby and the rest of the dubmasters of Jamaica. The 13 tracks hit the ground running with 'Roots Fi Cool' and move across the muscial landscape with all the ease of huge 4X4. Recorded in the US in NYC - produced and engineered by Odd Jobb it all comes in a very nice digipak. Now where did they get that title from?"



Ernie B's Reggae
"Essential Pick. All dub, very good!"